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We are generally negligent when it comes to earthquake bags. However, if we had a bag with basic supplies that would make our lives easier after natural disasters, especially earthquakes, we could keep ourselves and our family safe until the aid teams arrive.

What should we put in the earthquake bag?

Spare clothes, underwear, blankets, non-perishable packaged foods such as canned food and crackers, enough water to last a few days, canned fruit juice, flashlight, spare battery, handheld radio, power bank (mobile charger), wet wipes, soap, sanitary pads for women, diapers if there is a baby, masks, books or magazines to read, pocket warmers, frequently used medicines, photocopies of identity documents, some cash, photocopies of private documents. Here are sample images of earthquake bags.

Things to have in your #earthquakebag. Varieties may increase according to personal needs.

In order to survive, we must prepare and update our #earthquakebag or #disasterbag.

It may be good to keep some of our personally valuable belongings in the earthquake bag.

Our country is an earthquake country, the more prepared we are, the safer we will be.

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